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The newest chapter of a storied neighborhood

Following the restorations of Fairmont Creamery, Wagner Awning, and Mueller Lofts, Sustainable Community Associates challenged itself to imagine a new construction project that would embody the best elements of historic buildings within a brand new community.

The Tappan | Cleveland, Ohio

Here is what has emerged: our favorite artisan bakery, a dynamic community of friends and neighbors, a roof deck and sunken garden to spend the day relaxing, and residential units that recognize the most important amenities are the ones inside your home.


Unit A1

Kyle Richardville

Four weeks ago

As a resident physician at one of the local hospitals, I have been able to make the Tappan my oasis-at-home when returning from long days at work. The windows are huge - and the sunsets are gorgeous. When the weather is nice, the roof is also the perfect escape with a great view of downtown. On the first floor is a bakery (Leavend) that has some of the best baked goods in the city! My boyfriend and I are also always surprised with how much food we are able to get for seemingly so little money. And any time I have a need, the SCA management team has been so incredibly responsive and proactive with any concern.


Doris Darkadakis

Three weeks ago

I love being a resident here. One is close enough to downtown and has some really great restaurants very close in wonderful city of Tremont. The bakery which is located inside is so convenient to have a sweet treat and delicious breads and gourmet coffee. The gym inside is also convenient to which one can workout at any hour without feeling rushed. I feel safe with the security here and feel at home. I am very happy that I chose to live here.


Heidi Shannon

Four weeks ago

I love living at the Tappan. The building itself is clean and modern, very pet-friendly, located in beautiful and quaint Tremont with the park a short walk away, and the property owner/managers are so helpful and responsive. They are very invested in the surrounding Cleveland community and put in a lot of effort into facilitating safe and friendly ways to connect with others living in their buildings. And a great bonus is being able to walk right downstairs to grab a coffee and baked treat from Leavened!


Saud Al-Bahar

One week ago

You won’t regret choosing The Tappan. (Or sustainable community in general) Tremont is really nice area, everything is nearby. The bakery at the lobby is soooo good! And the people living are all nice. I’m an international student and I lived in the state for 5 years and in Cleveland for 3 years. Never had an phenomenal experience with a community like the one with sustainable. [And] this place is pet friendly and they don’t charge for pet! Can you believe that 😍